Onsite Wastewater Management Program

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In 2003 the Town implemented the Onsite Wastewater Management Program which required initial inventory and inspection of all 1,800 septic systems on the island. To date 98.4% of all the septic systems on the island have had a first maintenance inspection.  In June 2006, The Town began Routine Maintenance Inspections (RMI's). RMI's are required every 3 - 5 years.  RMI notices were last mailed in June of 2020. 

Types of Inspections:

There are three types of Septic System Inspections:

1.        Baseline Inspection (First Maintenance Inspection)
All existing septic systems in Jamestown were required to have a first maintenance inspection          completed by 2006.  The purpose of the first maintenance inspection was to perform an inventory of systems on the island, identify systems in need of repair or maintenance, place all systems on a routine maintenance schedule. 

 2.        Subsequent Routine Maintenance Inspections at intervals of between three to five years, depending on the results of your previous inspection are then required for your septic system. 

 3.        Point of Sale Inspection - These inspections are typically required by lenders to protect the potential buyer and to identify systems in need of upgrade or repair. All inspectors should be following the standardized guidelines set forth in the Septic System Check-Up Handbook when conducting a functional inspection. One of the important components of a functional inspection is to accurately determine the hydraulic capacity of a system. For more information on functional inspections Click Here

Who Can Inspect:    

All inspections must be conducted by a Town of Jamestown Approved Inspector who is required  to register with the Town and to upload the inspection information to the Towns Septic System Database.  First Maintenance and Routine Maintenance Inspections are completed using this Conventional OWTS Inspection Form.

Your service provider will provide the Town with an electronic copy of the completed form.  Property owners do not need to submit a paper copy to the Town.

Septic History / Property Search Using SepticSearch.com:

Homeowners and realtors are now able to perform a limited search of the Town’s Septic System Database using septicsearch.com. Users can access inspection reports, property information and learn about the septic system inspection process. To search for information on your property, please visit the website above and use the search criteria to find your property. You can then click "view history" to bring up septic system inspection reports.

Community Septic System Loan Program (CSSLP):

The R.I Infrastructure Bank offers low-cost, long-term financing for qualified residential property owners for the repair or replacement of substandard or failing septic systems or to replace cesspools. 

To learn more about the Community Septic System Loan Program (CSSLP), visit: https://www.riib.org/CSSLP. For a financing application, please contact Jean Lambert at jlambert@jamestownri.net

Contact Information:

Jean Lambert, PE
Onsite Wastewater Program Coordinator
93 Narragansett Ave 
Jamestown, RI 02835 
401-423-7226 (fax)