Jamestown Fire Station Expansion Project

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NEW: May 13th Powerpoint presentation on the Fire Station Expansion Project 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why an addition/renovation?

  • SAFETY – Bigger Trucks = more water;  TRAINING – Larger training facilities (EMS & Fire)

  • Fire Station and Ambulance Barn are not ADA compliant. Currently used by public.

  • If funding is not approved both structures will still require renovation (approx... $750,000 ea.)

  • Get all members “under one roof” for enhanced training and consolidation= Better public safety.

  • The existing Fire station size requires smaller, more costly custom trucks that carry less water. The addition will allow future purchase of stock trucks with maximum water capacity.

  • $300,000 for standard truck vs. $550,000 for a custom truck

Why not a new station?

  • Cost – New station approx. $5-7 million with property purchase and new Town wide fire alarm system

  • What happens to existing station? – Town owns building; Fire Department owns the land (complicated)

Why not a second station on the north end?

  • Still in planning process with current council on building for equipment and possible future use

  • Not everyone “under same roof”

  • Statistics show that most members are “in Town” between 6am and 6pm

  • Another building to maintain.

What happens to Ambulance Barn at Knowles Court?

  • Parking, re-use, sell (estimated worth $750,000) or?

What if no addition or renovation?

  • Still need to renovate station and ambulance barn – approx. $750,000 each

  • Still need to purchase custom trucks – 1 immediate and 1 in 3 years - $1.1 million total

Who is the Jamestown Fire Department?

  • Volunteers – 120 current membership

  • Friends, neighbors, and family

What do we do?

  • Provide volunteer fire and Emergency medical services to Jamestown residents
  • Approximately 900 calls per year

What does Fire/EMS cost the Town?

  • 2015/2016 Budget - $798,376 minus $186,000 in ambulance billing = $612,376 or .61c/day/household

What would a paid department cost?

  • Approximately $3 – $5 million per year
  • Work would still need to be done on Fire Station to accommodate 24 hour shifts for Fire and EMS