Questions & Answers

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Q.  How do I have a VIN checked?
A.  The Rhode Island DMV requires a VIN check on all previously owned vehicles which are 10 years old or less, being registered in Rhode Island. The police department will conduct this check at anytime for residents of Jamestown. Please bring the vehicle, title, bill of sale and registration with you. You must also bring proof of residency with you in order to have your VIN Check completed. There is $10 fee. No appointment is necessary.

Q. How do I pay a parking ticket?
A. Parking tickets may be paid at the police station, 250 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown RI 02835.

Q. How do I appeal a parking ticket?
A. Please visit our parking tickets page for further information.

Q.  How do I get a criminal background check?
A.  The Jamestown Police Department conducts criminal background checks for Jamestown Residents only. Please visit our Criminal Background Checks page for further information.

Q.  How do I obtain a yard sale permit?
A. Yard sale permits are issued by the Town Clerks Office at Town Hall.

Q. How do I have my child safety seat installed or inspected?
A. Lt. Angela Deneault, and Sgt. Karen Catlow are certified to inspect and/or install car seats. You may contact them at 423-1212 to make an appointment.

Q. How can I dispose of old expired medications?
A.  The Jamestown Police Department offers a free and anonymous prescription drug drop box inside the front entrance of the police station. Residents may dispose of expired or unwanted medication simply by depositing it in this box. 

Q. I am concerned my child may be using drugs. How can the Jamestown Police help?
A. The Jamestown Police Department provides parents with free iScreen® home drug test kits. The kits are free of charge, and are available at the police station on a strictly anonymous basis. All the information related to the drug test is kept between you and your child. The iScreen® test will screen a urine sample for a multitude of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.