Sex Offenders

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Below is a list of Registered Sex Offenders currently residing in the Town of Jamestown. Please click on the name for further information:

 Level III Offenders

There are currently no Level III Sex Offenders registered with the Jamestown Police Department


Level II Offenders

 There are currently no Level II Sex Offenders registered with the Jamestown Police Department


A Level 3 classification allows the police department to provide information to all persons likely to encounter the offender, including the parents of children who attend a school within a half-mile radius of the offender's residence.

The Rhode Island Sex Offender Review Board makes this designation.  It means that the Jamestown Police Department must notify certain community members in accordance with law.  You are being provided with all of the information that the police department can legally provide. 

The purpose of this notification is to keep the community informed.  It is not meant to create a sense of panic or fear.  It merely reflects the belief that an informed public is a safer public.

Note:  Anyone who threatens, intimidates, harasses, or interferes with the person named in this fact sheet, will be arrested and prosecuted by the Jamestown Police Department to the full extent of all applicable statutes and ordinances.  Further, confronting or harassing registered offenders could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to keep the community informed.  If community notification ends due to harassment, only the sex offender benefits. 

The Jamestown Police Department is available if you have any further questions or concerns.   We can, however, provide information on Meagan’s Law in general and steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. You may also find more information on “Level 3” high-risk and "Level 2" moderate-risk offenders statewide on the parole board’s website