Parking Tickets

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When parking in the Town of Jamestown please take note of any posted restrictions. Throughout the Town there are various parking restrictions including time limits, resident parking only, and permit parking only. These are in addition to the more common restrictions such as blocking fire hydrants, yellow curbs, and too close to corners. Residents may request relief of certain parking restrictions for a limited time period in order to accommodate special parking needs near their home. Please see the Parking Waiver Request page for more information.

Parking violations are enforced by police officers as well as parking enforcement officers. Parking tickets may be paid by mail or in person at the police station.


If you wish to appeal a parking ticket, follow the appeal process:

1. Appeals must be made within 30 days of the date on the ticket. After 30 days, a court date will be assigned
2. The operator or registered owner of the vehicle must make the appeal.
3. The Parking Ticket Appeal Affidavit must be completed by the operator or registered owner explaining the basis for the appeal.
4. The following documentation must be mailed along with the appeal:
           Operator’s or Registered Owner’s License
           1. Vehicle Registration
           2. Parking Ticket

           Handicap violations must also provide:
           3. Operator’s or Passenger’s Valid Handicap Placard (blue hanging tag for mirror)
           4. Parking Privilege Certificate (issued by DMV, contains matching number from placard)

5. Once the appropriate documentation has been received, the appeal will be reviewed by the issuing officer and the Chief of Police. A decision will be made within 10 days.
6. The operator/registered owner will be advised of the determination of the appeal. Appeals that are granted will require no further action by the vehicle owner. Cases in which the appeal is denied, the operator or registered owned shall have the opportunity to pay fine within ten (10) days or appeal to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.