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September, 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers who assisted me with a health issue that arose after visiting a Jamestown establishment several Friday evenings ago. The officers observed that I was having difficulties, and called a rescue to take me to the emergency room for treatment. They should be commended for their acute observations and concern for their fellow citizens.


September, 2019

Last month I drove to Jamestown to bring a friend to see the lighthouse and its beautiful park. I made a quick left turn, and my car became stuck in a ditch. I started calling AAA. Even as I waited to be connected, a policeman arrived, and then a fireman. Considering the fact I had done something very foolish, they were so kind and helpful about the problem. They were able to push my car out of the ditch. I am writing to say thank you for help with the car, but also for being so kind to me. I am 80, and could have been treated like a foolish old woman, but no, your wonderful men were true gentlemen in every way. I commend their spirit.


July, 2019

I wanted to reach out because she said that the officer who responded to check on her on Friday made her feel so comfortable and she appreciated his kindness. I am not sure of his name, but just wanted to let you & the department know that the way he responded created a really positive experience for her and made her more comfortable reaching out to the police for help again in the future.