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August 26, 2016


Thank you for your support last night when “the boys” tried to enter my house.  You did a great job of calming them down and deescalating a potentially serious incident.  They were not “bad boys”, just a little aggressive as they tried to get past me.  Thank you for tactfully handling the situation.  Regards and Thanks again.


August 11, 2016

Dear Chief Mello,

I feel compelled to write you.  I was pulled over and arrested on a warrant for failing to appear.  The officer who arrested me conducted himself with such professionalism, compassion and respect.  I cannot begin to thank him enough.  What was a terrifying ordeal was made so much easier to handle given his kindness.  As the officer took me through each step he was kind, considerate and respectful without compromising his authority.  I appreciated his effort to get me to court in time so I could be arraigned before close of court.  I appreciated his being discreet during the arrest rather than becoming a spectacle to my neighbors.  Your officer is a credit and example to be followed to any police department and we are fortunate to have him here in Jamestown.


December 16, 2015

Chief Mello, my wife and I would like to thank the officer who pushed our vehicle across the Jamestown bridge to a safe area on the North Kingstown side. Thank you again. 


November 22, 2015

Chief Mello, I just wanted to pay compliment to the officer who stopped me while driving through Jamestown on the evening of 11/21/15.  He was very professional and police. He is a credit to his uniform. We need more like him. It could've been a nightmare experience, but because of this officer I believe again in 'to protect and serve'. 


July 21, 2015

Chief Mello, I would like to thank you and your officers for the assistance they recently provided me. I recently had a need to summon the Jamestown Police to my residence. The officers that responded took a genuine interest and an unbiased approach and offered invaluable advice.


July 6, 2015

Dear Chief, I wanted to commend you and your staff on the outstanding and professional manner in which your officers handled the crowd and traffic on Sunday, July 5. I was in Town for the fireworks. I was in need of handicapped parking, and spoke to one of your officers who directed me to a parking area amid the chaos that was going on around him. He directed me toward a parking space. I then came across another officer who continued to help me, and then he directed me to a female officer who opened up a barricade to allow me into a handicapped parking spot. All three officers were courteous and professional, and were very friendly. I know that officers don't get nearly enough praise for the difficult job they do. I want to acknowledge them, and let you know how much I appreciate all that they did.


March 28, 2015

Dear Chief Mello, As a senior living in Jamestown I am a big fan of our police department. I would like to commend the officer I met last fall at a traffic stop. He was outstanding in his ability to make me feel comfortable. At age 68 with an excellent driving record you can imagine I did not want to loose my license from drowsy driving. The officer was professional yet firm, and helped me through a difficult time while being accountable to him. He is a real asset to your fine team. Thank you for keeping our wonderful Town so safe, and a grand place to live.


May 15, 2015

Chief Mello, I just wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the recent actions of one of your officers. Yesterday. my soon-to-be 77 year old mother approached an officer who was completing a call for service near her home. She informed the officer that boundary stakes had been removed from the northern boundary of her property by her adjoining neighbor. The officer displayed an exceptional level of courtesy and professionalism. He treated my mother with dignity and respect. He accompanied her to the boundary where the stakes had been removed so that he could inspect the area; he took pictures of the area in which the alleged offense occurred; he explained to her the elements of the incident that  would dictate whether it was a civil matter or a criminal offense; and he explained to her what her options were. This officer's actions and demeanor were instrumental in calming my mother. Although this incident does not represent a major crime that well-performing officers are typically recognized for, I would like to thank the officer for his handling of this incident and reaffirm that officers who comport themselves such as he did are a credit to the Department that they serve.