Mackerel Cove Beach



Saturday, June 6 through Monday, September 7
Open 9:00am-5:00pm 


  • First come, first serve basis
  • $15 per vehicle, per day,
  • Resident Permits are available for $15 per season

Beach Permit:

Are available only to Jamestown Residents and visitors who are leasing a residence on the island for 30 days or more. Permits can be purchased at the Recreation Center (41 Conanicus Ave.) or at the beach from 9AM to 3PM. You MUST present one of the following to obtain a permit: 

1.   Vehicle registration (this even applies to out of state vehicles);

2.   Proof of residence if the vehicle registration is out of state (copy of tax bill or deed);

3.   A lease agreement, but only if residing on the island for 30 days or more. Leases for less than 30 days are not eligible to purchase a permit.